A hodge-podge list of things I am currently enjoying & thankful for.

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If I’m to miss the beauty of the turning leaves this autumn, pink blossoming trees are the next best thing. 🙂
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This book is incredible! Jen Wilkin writes about how we are to study the precious Word of God with both our hearts AND minds! Although she didn’t technically write anything new to me, the way it was put together was super impactful. It’s really pushed me deeper in my reading and studying of the Bible.
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I’m so thankful for my own little space here at Amani. It’s a place of rest and sanctuary, a place to get work done, and a place to keep up with family and friends. And I’ve filled the walls with pictures of people and places I love, which makes it all the better.
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There’s this flock of a dozen or so huge birds that appear every afternoon. They soar right over Amani, just enjoying life without a care in the world. The kids and I love to watch them. “Look at the big birdies!” they say.
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I splurged on a beautiful new ESV study Bible right before I came to Uganda. It was worth every penny! I’ve loved breaking it in.  Psalm 138 & 139 have been especially precious to me lately, as well as the book of James.
Okay, I’m a bit of a nerd. I recently rewatched all of the Lord of the Ring movies. I’d forgotten just how wonderful they are. I love the valor, the honor, the integrity, and the hope. There are some beautiful parallels to the Christian life.
I heard about this audio Bible app from a friend. I gave it a try earlier this month. I haven’t looked back. It’s a delightful way to listen to the Word of God.
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Rainy days are my favorite. And the cool breeze they bring with them is always an added bonus.
I’m in the process of reading this book about “practicing radically ordinary hospitality in our post-Christian world.” Although I do not yet have a home of my own, it has biblical principles anyone can apply. I’ve been challenged reading it!
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FaceTime! Calls with my closest family & friends have been one of the biggest encouragements. I love that I’m still able to stay connected with them. It’s times like this when I’m so thankful for modern technology!
Sara Grove’s album of hymns, “Abide With Me”. It’s absolutely beautiful! I listen to it daily. I especially love Lead on, O King Eternal and He’s Always Been Faithful.
I used to play these songs for my younger siblings. Now I play them for my kids here. (But also, sometimes I’ll listen to them myself at bedtime. 😉 They are soothing and beautiful and point my gaze straight to Christ.
I recently made three of these Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate Cake” cakes, for a big birthday celebration we had with the kids. It was AH-mazing! If you’re looking for a great chocolate cake recipe, look no further.
I love these Scripture cards from the Daily Grace Co. They are on my walls, on our fridge, and in my bathroom. I also love to stick them in notes!
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Outings with my Cottage B girls. I love being able to spend one-on-one quality time with them.



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